Vagina Bug

Proudly boasting an all female cast and helmed by visionary director, Michelle Dyer, Vagina Bug is the most revolutionary and controversial film from Backpocket Dreams Productions. 20-something Edith attends a baby shower with a presentation worthy of a thousand different Pinterest posts. As Edith struggles within the confines of the stifling and unrealistic expectation of women in today’s world, her own anxieties push their way to the surface. As Edith reconciles who she is with how she fits in the world, she undergoes a shocking transformation that will leave herself, the women at the shower, and the audience fundamentally changed from that moment on.

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The Reflection of Eric King

In the first film from Backpocket Dreams Productions, in association with GREEN Productions inc, agoraphobic Eric King moves into an old abandoned apartment only to discover that someone else is already there. A classical pianist named Dorian has been trapped inside an enchanted mirror since the last century. Too afraid to leave, Eric stays with Dorian and takes lessons on the piano. As Eric becomes every bit the pianist Dorian is, Dorian’s desire for freedom collides with Eric’s fear of it, and the music leads them to a final confrontation.

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