The Team

 Shaun Crawford

Shaun loves movies. That’s almost all you need to know. The sheer joy of getting lost in a story on screen, what he views as the ultimate art form, is rivalled only by the thrill of being on set when such a story is brought to life. Seeing all of the pieces that come together, all of the people that have to bring their very best, the range of emotions and the electricity behind the scenes and dedication throughout an entire production is the kind of magic he once thought was lost to the world. Beginning as a screenwriter, his anchor will always be story, the foundation of truly great films – just as the anchor of his own life is his wife and his daughter. Shaun is also a reader, a great lover of beaches, pizza, and coffee, truly a kid at heart, and of course, Shaun is a dreamer too.

Michelle Dyer

Michelle graduated from the Emily Carr University of Art and Design in 2008 with a BMA in film and video. She’s been passionately working as an artist and filmmaker since then making expressive work resulting from creative risk taking. Social advocacy and helping others through the arts is a key focus of Michelle’s practice. She’s currently working on her masters in counselling and art therapy, facilitating an art program to help people with employment barriers get and retain meaningful employment. Vagina Bug was a passion project and incredible collaborative effort born from Michelle’s extensive dream world. The unique and highly visual project supports women in film, both behind and in front of the camera.

William Dyer

William is a courageous young explorer from the northern part of the wild continent known as the Americas. He is known for his charm and how he will often exaggerate at the beginnings of descriptions about himself. Some who know him would better describe him as an animator but the explorer thing makes him sound much more mysterious. Billy loves watching movies, reading (usually ends up being listened to) books and playing video games. Lately Billy has been moving behind the scenes working as a 1st Assistant Director and now moving into producing for Backpocket Dreams Productions.

Tracy Wormsbecker

Tracy has academic and applied backgrounds in both Psychology and Fine Art and she is extremely passionate about the benefits of fostering artistic enrichment in communities. Tracy has taken her diverse skillsets and transformed them into the foundation of an Art Director extraordinaire. She is interested in and excited about all forms of visual expression and has found that her varied experience has translated perfectly on the set of her first film with Backpocket Dreams Productions. She values family as much as anything else, and cherishes time spent with close friends, particularly her best friend, her incredible and supportive husband whom she loves most of all – and their new baby girl.