About Us

Backpocket Dreams Productions was founded by Shaun Crawford, Tracy Wormsbecker, Michelle Dyer, and William Dyer. The name reminds us that we all carry our dreams with us every day – that they can never truly be forgotten, no matter our age, and no matter the dream.

“It has always been a dream of ours to make movies. To say we dream of being “filmmakers” may sound a bit classier, but for us they are still movies. That word has a magic to it. It is the desire to maintain that magic and to pursue those dreams that inspired the creation of this production company.”

At Backpocket Dreams Productions it is our goal to make movies that are innovative and inspiring, from script to production to screen. We aspire to introduce a world of dreams within our stories and within our viewers. We want to evoke change. We want people talking about our movies, both in the car on the way home, and in ways that reach beyond the film itself, to the art of moviemaking, and into the context of the world.

We have already had the privilege of working with several highly talented fellow “moviemakers,” all dreamers in their own right. We love working with both the experienced individuals as well as those just breaking onto the scene, all equal in passion and talent. We want them to feel as inspired as we do, as we hope our audience will, and for everyone to feel a part of the movies we make. We cherish collaboration as a means to produce movies that resonate with every generation.

Our mission and promise to you is:

  • We will always strive to produce high quality movies, always putting that quality above all else.
  • We will always seek to tell a new story and to bring a new message with every movie we produce.
  • We will always give opportunities where we can, as opportunities have been given to us.
  • We will never forget why we are doing this, that we are still just fans who love watching movies.
  • We will never stop dreaming, or sharing those dreams.

Keep coming back to the site to hear about the progress on all of our movies, see some behind the scenes photos, videos, and trailers as they arise. And if nothing else, keep coming back to feel inspired for your very own Backpocket Dreams!