Backpocket Dreams Productions’ second film has wrapped shooting!

We shot Vagina Bug over two long days on Aug 23-24 in our home community of Sundance, Calgary, Alberta. Endless gratitude goes out to our immensely talented cast and crew who gave us everything they had over those two days to create the absolute best film possible. We are indescribably excited about Vagina Bug, not just because we have high expectations for the caliber of film we will end up with but because of its strong promotion of women in film. Backpocket Dreams Productions is exceptionally proud to produce a film born from the mind of up and coming director, our very own Michelle Dyer. We are also proud of the exquisite art direction helmed by Backpocket Dreams’ Tracy Wormsbecker, our all female cast, and a crew made up of more women than men! A rarity on a film set. The men were of course welcome as well, among them Shaun Crawford and William Dyer, both of Backpocket Dreams Productions. Stay tuned for updates on post-production.